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Community Living Opportunities, Inc.

Community Living Opportunities, Inc.

 A Supported Living Program... Where the choice is yours 

Our Mission


Community Living Opportunities,  Inc. is committed to providing an individualized, quality supported  living service to people who live with the challenge of a developmental  disability.  It is C.L.O.'s desire to offer consumers the opportunity  and freedom to take control of their lives.  C.L.O. recognizes that all  people have individual needs, wants, likes, and dislikes.  C.L.O. is  committed to responding to these individualities and adjusting services  to meet these preferences.  Consumers and their families are encouraged  to become active members of the service delivery. 

Individuals participating in CLO's supported living  program are offered instruction and/or direct assistance to maintain a  healthy and stable living environment.  We emphasize  community  involvement as well as relationship building.  Family and friends are  encouraged to continue to be a part of each consumer's support team. 

 "I am finally living in my own apartment!" 

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